Veterinary medicines: we stock a wide variety of medicines to treat conditions such as Mycoplasma, Coccidiosis and Hexamita. We keep a stock at each clinic so that we can supply you rapidly either over the counter or by post.

Vaccinations: we stock a wide range of poultry vaccines which we are increasingly using to good effect in game birds thereby reducing the need for antibiotics and improving health and profitability. We also get tailor-made vaccines for specific diseases on particular sites. Breeding flocks are now especially benefiting from this service allowing them to prevent the increasingly common drug-resistant Mycoplasma.

Water sanitisers: We stock a range of water sanitisers to stop bacteria and algae from building up in your water system. We know that game rearing systems commonly use header tanks that are exposed to direct sunlight, this warms water considerably stimulating the growth of bacteria and algae. These organisms can block water lines and directly affect the health of your birds. Water sanitation is one of the biggest steps you take to prevent disease problems on your rearing field.

Water acidifiers: we are having success with the acidification of water as a preventative measure against Hexamita and Trichomonas. Acidifiers lower the pH of you water and help to stop these diseases from getting a hold in your stock and improve general gut health. Our acidifiers also have other supplements to encourage a more stable gut flora (promote good gut bacteria). They can be used in conjunction with water sanitisers so that water cleanliness is not compromised.

Supplements: AgriVet is our own specially developed range of multi-vitamins, probiotic and health supplements. We use these to help birds through a variety of different stressful times in their lives. These products have been developed with game in mind and can help with chick start, bitting, moving to wood and to support birds whilst on treatment for disease.

How to order: please call us on 09181 241320 or speak to your local office. One of the vets will be able to help and advise you on what products are suitable for your needs.

Guidance: for all the products we dispense we give you dosage charts and guidance so you know how to use the product correctly.