We do a wide variety of consultancy to various companies, organisations and individuals across the game sector. This involves working with groups such as BASC, GFA and NGO. We are also happy to come and consult with you and your local vet to add to the quality of care for your birds. This type of work is charged by time but we can also give you a complete quote for fulfilling your needs. We are happy to travel all over the UK and abroad for this type of work.

When performing this type of work, we try to be very clear with you about what you hope to achieve by getting us involved. We then review what is happening with your business and will give you written plans and support as required.

If it is coming to look at your game business we would like to come and look round your site and see all stages of your production system. We would also meet all the staff who have key roles and are making decisions on your behalf. By doing this we can drill down into the main areas for improvement and give you practical advice on how to improve your production. We use our own labs as support for this type of work but are also happy to use your local services where these are more suitable.

Import and export work: our vets are registered with the government and are able to certify birds for export and also assist you with importing birds or eggs if this is required.