“I approached PHS because I wanted to improve the performance of my poultry farms. PHS helped me by doing regular visits each crop and by joining in a meeting with the farm manager and myself at the end of each crop.

Over time we have been able to build a picture of trends on the farm and plan on how to tackle them. This has helped us as part of our improvement plans for many aspects of how we grow chickens.

We have run trials with PHS for vaccines and other products which has helped us to refine what we do on farm. The result was improved performance with the site winning many awards with Cargill Meats Europe.

One thing I liked was the engagement between the vet and my farm manager that has given the vet a deep knowledge of the farm and the manager a partner he can rely on and develop new ideas with.

I would recommend PHS to people who need a fresh look at what is happening on farm and want to work toward long term improvement of the health of their flocks and business.”

Mark Green, Court Farm Chickens Ltd.