The current situation is rapidly changing, and we will keep you updated with any changes as they occur via social media, so please like or follow our pages to keep up-to-date.

We would like to reassure all our clients that the steps that we have taken are to protect your health, your business and the health of our employees. The actions taken will have no detrimental effect to our ability to carry out visits, post-mortems, testing or supply of vaccines/medication.

In order to continue business as normal whilst protecting everyone as much as can we will need to ask that you work with us to ensure the following.

If you require medication/vaccines

Please ring in advance and place the order.  This will allow us time to prepare the goods for collection to minimise the time spent in the practice.

Where possible we would prefer to send these orders to you direct (post will be charged at cost price).

  • Please place orders as early in the week (vaccines and supplements) as possible to allow plenty of time for delivery

If you require PM

Please contact the practice in advanced as soon as possible in the day.  The administration team will allocate a Vet to contact you to discuss the best course of action which maybe a visit rather than coming to the practice

Until further notice ‘open’ PM times will cease and we would urge you to get any birds for PM to our practices as early in the day as possible

If you require a visit

Please contact the practice as soon as possible in the day.  The administration team will allocate a Vet to contact you to arrange an appropriate time

If you are self-isolating or at risk

Please do not attend the practice and call your local office letting the administration team know.  We will then take appropriate steps with yourself and the Vet to ensure all parties are as safe as possible whilst we deal with any issues you have with your animals

If you need to visit the practice

If you are requiring a PM please drop the birds in the bins provided

If you wish to wait for the results of the PM please, where possible return to your vehicle

Please, if entering the building use sanitisers provided

What PHS is doing

Vaccines and medication

Although we have been told that there are no supply issues of vaccines and medications in the UK there is a slight risk that delivery drivers will be affect as such we are holding and will continue to hold approx. 3 months of stock in practice


In most cases only one Vet will be in the practice and a skeleton administration team at any one time.  All other team members will be remotely working carrying out visits/working from home.  We are hoping that by limiting contact between colleagues we will help prevent the spread of the virus if we are unfortunate enough to have employees infected.  As our practices are geographically based some distance from each other we have banned face to face contact with other practices and those working from home will be required to self-isolate during working hours

A rigorous cleaning schedule has been drawn up to ensure all ‘multi touch area’s’ are cleaned 3 times a day.  This is in addition to the normal daily cleaning that is carried out


Other than employees and clients we will not allow visits to the practice from students, pharmaceutical companies etc

All training programmes have been cancelled for the foreseeable future

No travel unless visiting clients


PHS are abiding by the Government guidelines and will self-isolate if show any symptoms of the virus or have been in close contact with someone with the virus

Should an employee show any symptoms of the virus and go into self-isolation any clients that have been in physical contact with this person will be contacted

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Together we can continue to drive your business whilst protecting us all and we thank you in advance for your assistance during this unprecedent difficult time.